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That Time My Husband Convinced Me to Get a Secret Door


It was a typical Sunday evening, watching HGTV on the couch after the babe was in bed, when we noticed the house they were about to reveal to excited home owners had, yes, you guessed it--a secret door! Out of everything, the home owners thought it was so awesome to have a secret door, and my fate was sealed. My husband, Steve, became obsessed with idea that a secret door was the only option once we decided to redo our garage and make it into an office/hangout space.

Once he saw the secret door, he couldn't unsee it.

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Everything is made better with a can of white paint.


I'll be honest, while the idea sounds cool, I wasn't immediately on board. I wanted the space to be cozy and fun, but not kitchy and gimmicky . I also didn't know how the logistics of a secret door would even work. After some research and pinteresting (is that a word?), I found what I thought was a good match between something cool and functional.

We ended up going with an oak wood door with shelves on top and a secret laundry hamper below as our laundry room is right next to the door. While Steve wasn't getting his stereotypical "pull a book" vibe, it opened seamlessly to reveal the secret room behind it. I can't lie, it is pretty fun asking unsuspecting people to push it open for the first time. Even our contractor was confused when he visited the house after installation and tried to get into the garage! Definitely a win!

Turns out, Steve was right with this one (don't tell him I said that or it'll go straight to his head). Sometimes taking design risks pays off, and it just goes to show that design doesn't have to be stuffy. There are ways to make it fun, playful and functional! Plus, it gave me extra shelves to style, so really it was a win all around! Was there a time you took a design risk that paid off? Or are you thinking of trying something fresh and new?

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